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Our range repair service is second to no other.

Our many satisfied clients from the Palatine IL area can verify this. We have made ourselves known as the number one Palatine range repair business through years of successfully operating and providing solutions for those needing a range repair in Palatine IL. We continue to provide a viable range repair solution for everyone in the Palatine IL area.

We take pride in knowing that we are who people turn to when seeking a range repair in Palatine IL. They turn to us because we are appliance repair experts and we charge realistically for our service. For instance, we bill what we pay for range parts, but we estimate based on the values for range parts in the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide. We also attempt to find better deals on range parts in Palatine IL to save you more.

We hope that you will consider us for your stove repair job. We are always on hand to provide a stove repair in Palatine IL. You just have to get in contact with us and we will arrange for one of our stove repair technicians to head out to your home. They will figure out which stove parts need replaced and obtain these stove parts in Palatine IL. Upon returning, they will install the new stove parts and make sure your stove is working properly.

Our Palatine stove repair service is provided by some of the most experienced repairmen in the state. They have worked on all different makes and models of stoves and handled countless stove problems. If you are in need of a stove repair in Palatine IL, they are definitely who you want helping you.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

A commercial griddle needs to be cleaned carefully and regularly. Every time it's used, a scraper should be used to clean off the surface. At the end of each day, the grease catcher should be taken out and cleaned. A grill brick should be used to further clean the surface. This is done when the griddle is slightly warm. If it's a stainless steel griddle, avoid damaging its surface by rubbing the grill brick towards the grain. Weekly, give the griddle longer cool off period and use a degreaser on the griddle plate. Then, re-season if necessary.


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