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The Palatine IL area has many Palatine dryer repair companies in competition.

Most businesses do not thrive off word-of-mouth advertising, but we do. That's because we have an extensive list of people that have hired us for their dryer repair in Palatine IL and walked away with a dryer that worked like new again. So we constantly get recommended as the go-to dryer repair service for anyone that's facing dryer problems.

Given our years in operation and our extensive past of dryer repairs, we have taken on all kinds of dryer problems. Some common dryer issues we see include:

  • The dryer ending its cycle before completion.
  • The clothes not getting completely dry after one load.
  • The dryer not producing any heat at all.
  • The dryer making loud noises or vibrations while in use.
  • No power getting to the machine.

No matter the problem, we are a viable solution for your dryer repair in Palatine IL. Our technicians are also always on hand to provide dryer repair services within your Palatine IL home.

To get started with one of our repair techs, you just have to call us at (847) 232-6752 and arrange for a visit. Our technician will then:

  • Go to your home and find the reason your dryer isn't working properly.
  • Decide on which, if any, dryer parts need replaced.
  • Make an estimate for the cost of labor and parts based on the Major Appliance Service national Price Guide.
  • Obtain dryer parts in Palatine IL to complete the job.
  • Install the dryer parts and test the machine to make sure it's fixed.

Plus, don't pay for the service call with any repair!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

You have to be very careful when you clean any clothes that are stained with cooking oils, gasoline, finishing stains, and similar hazardous liquids. To be completely safe, it is recommended that you run the clothes through the wash more than once. Doing a presoak before throwing the clothing into the washer is also a good idea. If you want to go the extra mile, dry these clothes on your clothesline or air dry them around the house, and then wash them normally the next time they are dirty.


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